Percy Jackson and the lightning thief – Rick Riordan

I devoured this one in just under three days (helped by an early ‘I’m awake’ this morning). A brilliant and engrossing story that draws on all the myths surrounding the Greek gods (interesting for allusions in literature). The novel is the first in the series and sets us off with our protagonist as he discovers... Continue Reading →


The Birthday Party – Harold Pinter and A Doll’s House – Henrik Ibsen (Some rereads)

Part of my holiday reading has also included some rereads of texts I studied at university - which has proved quite delightful. I encountered both of these texts at University when exploring the styles of the writers in seminars. The Birthday Party A short, but very interesting play. It takes place across a short time... Continue Reading →

Missing Pieces – Laura Pearson

Brace yourself if you want to read this one, and have a packet of tissues ready. This was a sublime read - particularly well crafted and I was totally hooked. I did however make the mistake of starting this one quite late in the evening before bed. I needed a new book and reading before... Continue Reading →

July 2018 – Monthly Round Up

With the run up to and start of the summer holidays this has proved to be a fruitful reading month for me. I have read several books that have been sat on my TBR for a while, read a few recommended by colleagues and started to wade through my summer reading for school and of... Continue Reading →

The Crucible – Arthur Miller

My third book of my six books in six weeks. This is a play I have come across a few times, but it was great to reread it again. Miller creates a world of suspicion, deceit and lies in his exploration of the Salem Witch trials. Across the four acts the audience meets many players... Continue Reading →

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