Station Eleven – Emily St. John Mandel

So, this one came to me via a recommendation from a colleague. My A-level students are doing some wider reading of dystopian fiction and presenting their ideas and the concepts they have found back to the class. Station Eleven was at the top of the list my colleague created, so I decided to read it as... Continue Reading →


I Have No Secrets – Penny Joelson

Jemma (our protagonist) has cerebral palsy - she lives her life in her wheelchair and has no way to communicate the thoughts and feelings she has inside. When someone confesses a murder to her she is desperate to find a way to communicate this information. Joelson has written a thrilling novel from the perspective of... Continue Reading →

How to stop time – Matt Haig

Wow - this was an absolutely incredible book! With the help of a snow day I have read it in a couple of days, and I just couldn't put it down. I now totally understand the flood of recommendations the book got on twitter, and I am so glad a colleague was able to lend... Continue Reading →

Who Is Mary Sue? – Sophie Collins

So this was my Spring collection from my Poetry Book Society subscription. It was a nice change to have a book that wasn't 300 pages+. I had never heard of the author and I didn't actually know of the term Mary Sue before reading the collection. This collection was a little different as it was... Continue Reading →

Skinful of Shadows – Frances Hardinge

On the back of reading The Lie Tree I saw a few pictures of people on twitter reading Skinful of Shadows and thought it was definitely worth my while reading another of Frances Hardinge's books. The Lie Tree fantastic, so I had big expectations for Skinful of Shadows. After a slightly slow start (mainly due to tiredness at the end of... Continue Reading →

Clockwork – Phillip Pullman

So, this was a very quick read this morning. It is one that I am preparing for use in teaching. It is going to form the basis of a short literacy focussed scheme alongside teaching Shakespeare. The blurb sounded fascinating when I plucked it out the book cupboard at school, and reminded me of reading... Continue Reading →

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