Peach – Emma Glass

Wow - not quite sure what to say about this one. It is most definitely an adult read! There are several triggers within the novel (especially around violence) so worth a little research before reading. However, despite it being most definitely an uncomfortable read it was also mesmerising. I really loved Glass' use of language,... Continue Reading →


Dust – Hugh Howey

I made it to the end of the trilogy! I have loved the journey too. It is not often you find a whole trilogy that keeps on surprising you until the very end! This trilogy was just that - and I would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone. It had been an odd third read... Continue Reading →

Shift – Hugh Howey

So, the first book of the new year! I have been avidly reading this one ever since I finished the first instalment. Shift is the second book of the trilogy and goes back in time in the world of the story. This made successful use of a dual narrative which shifted between the people who have created... Continue Reading →

December 2018 – Monthly Round Up

Another very busy month with limited reading 😦 Busy weekends, getting everything finished for Christmas and not feeling 100% haven't made a good mix. The start of the holidays were busy, but I have had a lot more time for reading which has been great. I have also read part of several other books this... Continue Reading →

Holes – Louis Sachar

A classic young teenagers book - this was a re-read in preparation for using it as a teaching text in the new year. I really enjoyed this when I read the book as a child. Following the experience of Stanley this story focuses on what happens to him when he is sent to a work... Continue Reading →

Wool – Hugh Howly

This was a secret Santa present at school this year - and a recommendation from the colleague who gave it to me. It was a great dystopian novel which never went quite where you expected it to - which was very refreshing! Set far in the future people no longer live in the world as... Continue Reading →

Moth Girls – Anne Cassidy

Another weekend read - I wanted something that would be gripping enough to keep me reading and relaxing. The blurb certainly suggested that this would be the case for this novel when I was looking on my shelf. It didn't disappoint either. Moth Girls is an interesting story that mainly follows a teenage girl. Two... Continue Reading →

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